Hi 👋, I'm Anees Merzi.

I'm obsessed with delivering pleasant product experiences. I develop, build, and genuinely care for my team.

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Twitch Clips Extension

Creates and displays relevant clips during the livestream for instant replays and cheering.

Travel Funding Tracker

Temporary Travel Tracker for employees to request funds for their trips through a digital approvals process.

OHA Grants Data

Data Visualization App that shows how OHA allocates money across Hawaii in a transparent manner.

Tasks Manager

Approve and Track Tasks issued in memos that are searchable and archived for future reference.

Executive Engagements

Data Visualization Application for a 4-Star General to make resource decisions for the next quarter.

Master Training Calendar

Training Calendar in a timeline view that displays events in a drilldown format to show how each event is nested.

Personnel Status Report

Visualizes 60 different organizations to provide senior executives a snapshot of where eveyone is at daily.

Internal Corporate Site

Created a new internal site for 100,000+ daily users to facilitate information sharing to drive daily operations.

Contact Directory

Application to help users find contact details and return results by directorate, rank, and name.


Informational site about past and upcoming hackathons ranging from cyber security to development.


Android Application that helps parents manage their kids medication by using data from the cloud to generate alerts.

Food 4 Students

Prototype Application for USDA to make a production app that helps families apply for free/discounted school lunch

The Q5

Made dynamic graphs that depict 100,000+ data points for NFL teams to predict team result week by week


Application to help non-profit organization manage volunteers and automate volunteer onboarding


Decision Support System for HR department to select the best internal employee for the next promotion/job

FB Tickets

Helps automate the process of distributing/tracking tickets to football players and staff for each weeks games


Informative website for Industrial Coating and Restoration Inc. Used to showcase their services and references

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